GOP maintains influence over most legislatures, state policy

A long list of Senate Democrats who face re-election in 2018 are from states Donald Trump won or almost won on Election Day.

That's because midterm elections, when a president is not on the ballot, are often cruel to the president's party in Congress. Democrats lost nine Senate seats in 2014 and six others in 2010 under Obama, and presidents' parties have gained Senate seats just once in the past eight midterm contests.

Jaime Harrison, the SC party chairman, downplayed the idea that Trump's nationalistic populism should necessarily push the Democratic Party leftward.

And then there are Trump's protectionist views on trade, skepticism about global treaty organizations and promises to protect Social Security and Medicare. As chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, he was involved in five senatorial elections, including all three which saw a flip from Democrat to Republican; John DiSanto winning in Dauphin and Perry Counties, Wayne Langerholc winning in Cambria County, and Dan Laughlin, who unseated Sean Wiley in Erie County. All along this election has been portrayed as a referendum on Mr. Trump. Donald Trump is going to be our president.

One is my colleague James Hohmann's account of the looming GOP civil war, in which he describes House Speaker Paul Ryan's camp as believing he can roll President Trump on policy issues, and Trump's camp believing Congress will defer to the president.

In the House, GOP members were celebrating their victories, and Trump's. He said that people who "lost overwhelmingly were outworked by their opponent, regardless of party" and that he's been a political target for a long time. But few expect Schumer and his Democrats to sign on to too many of Trump's plans.

Ryan's position as speaker could be challenged by Republican conservatives who backed Trump and it remains to be seen if the president-elect himself will try to push Ryan out. The millions of Americans who are unhappy with the election result should exercise their right to express that unhappiness, but if they can find a way to express it in a way that won't further divide the country, we'll all be better off for it. "We're all on the same page give or take 10 percent, which is nuances more than anything". However, Republicans do not hold the "magic" 60-seat figure in the Senate to override filibusters, meaning the Democrats could still block legislation there. He had initially said he would drop that rate down to 25 percent but revised his proposal after tax experts said it would balloon government deficits.

Election officials: Illinois early voting breaks records
This is the first presidential election in which a key enforcement provision of the Voting Rights Act was not in place. The question this year is whether problems will be widespread and indicate a pattern of fraud or voter intimidation.

Trump has also vowed to repeal Obamacare, the Affordable Healthcare Act.

"Most of the things he's likely to advocate, we're going to be enthusiastically for", Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told a news conference on Capitol Hill. An overwhelmingly Republican House last two years. As President, Donald Trump will also nominate a Supreme Court justice.

Trump promised repeatedly not to touch Medicare and Social Security federal retirement benefits, asserting that Clinton would slash those programs even though she had not proposed to do so.

As the returns come in, the story seems to repeat in the House and state legislative races.

The jobs of party leaders in both Senate and House would be easier if Trump's policies were well defined beyond positon statements.

Adding insult to Democratic injury, Republicans won control in Iowa and Kentucky in part by ousting Democratic leaders. "This election is an embarrassment to our country with how we only have these two people to choose from".

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