Does Ezekiel rock Rick's world in The Walking Dead's return?

We've got plenty of characters involved in the action, and we finally have action worth getting excited about. It looks like Rick will fight a junkyard full of walkers in an effort to convince these newbies to join him in a war against the Saviors. Really, there wasn't much to complain about on tonight's much-anticipated episode and it's got us very eager to see where the show goes from here. How long until they make their final move?

The Wolves seem fairly unlikely because there hasn't been a peep from them all season; most, if not all, of them were already dealt with during Season 6.

Benjamin H. Smith is a NY based writer, producer and musician who grew up in the 1980's and thus has a deeper understanding of zombie movies than most other people.

What's even more exciting is that there's one more group of people out there. They were quickly surrounded by a large group of survivors, majority with weapons.

After enduring throughout the winter without a new episode of The Walking Dead, fans of the AMC series are starting to feel a bit like its titular zombies: dead-eyed, soulless, decaying and desperate for a nice, fresh bite of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) ... uh, figuratively speaking.

Best promotion: We've spent far too long waiting for Rosita to show off a skill other than impressive sass.

The group told Ezekiel - and a shocked Morgan - that Abraham, Glenn, Spencer and Olivia had been killed by The Saviors, while Eugene was captured.

We used our get out of jail cards: Jones
Jones has said he is not bothered either way, although under Six Nations rules, both teams have to agree for it to be closed. One of England's stars was centre Owen Farrell, who added: "In glimpses we showed what we can do".

If you aren't feeling all kind of warm and fuzzies right now, well, you clearly weren't watching the Season 7B premiere of The Walking Dead. There are still few more episodes coming up for "The Walking Dead" season 7 and those were reported to have a unique plot line compared to the previous episodes. The episode started with Gabriel leaving Alexandria with boxes of groceries and weapons.

"We own your lives, want to buy them back", she said.

As soon as Rick returns to Alexandria, Simon (Steven Ogg) and the Saviors show up looking for Daryl. She's being overly bitter and she's taking it out on people who don't deserve it. Sasha specifically. The episode ended with Rick and company on the search for Gabriel and ambushed by a new group of survivors.

Could this new community of "Mad Max" castoffs be just the people they're looking for?

This puts a dent in Rick's plan because he knows that without strength in numbers, his people could never take out the Saviors.

THE WALKING DEAD had its mid-season premiere last night, and coinciding with the premiere launched a new "entertainment-driven platform" meant to bring single peeps together in the name of their love/hate of Carl/Negan. With the horde baring down, the best part of the episode shows Rick and Michonne driving into the walkers with the tripwire between their cars. As nail-biting as that would have been, Nicotero told the script writers that they'd nearly missed out on "the ideal opportunity" to utilize the cable that ran between the two cars.

We don't know if we'll see more devastating deaths. Morgan and Carol are both nearby, but the total juxtaposition of Negan's camp and The Kingdom could be what Daryl needs to work out his newly rediscovered anger issues. One advises caution against the Saviors rather than a full-blown war, while the other is out by herself in the woods.

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