The Walking Dead 7×09 "Rock In The Road" Review


So I'm just going to leave this right here. Please let him not be a coward. We also get a most welcome reunion between Rick and Morgan-who, as they remind us, have known each other since the beginning-but for now they must go home in defeat.

One of the big benefits of being a television viewer is that we get to see things that the characters onscreen either don't know about or haven't seen yet.

As we look ahead, it sure seems like Rick's militia is growing. and they have dynamite at their disposal. It's obviously a tough sell for Gregory (Xander Berkeley), who is the actual worst, but somehow Enid has rounded up a handful of members for the Hilltop who agree to side-step their leader. Yas, Enid, yas gurl!

After embracing his friends, Morgan told them that Carol had been at The Kingdom but that she had now left.

King Ezekiel built a kingdom that he's proud of.

Rick and King Ezekiel meet at last, but it was not as entertaining as anticipated. He's all like, what?! Carol warns him about traveling alone. He can't hide is thirst for her. She then chose to sacrifice herself to defeat Negan but she failed; in return, it killed another Alexandria resident. But Ezekiel is not amused by the offer as he cares for his people who are flourishing under his rule.

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They reunite with Morgan [Lennie James] and intend to propose an alliance between the Kingdom and Alexandria, to no avail.

That means that if he can not get the Hilltop and the Kingdom to join up with him, he might be able to convince these primitive hostiles to focus their efforts on the Saviors at his command. I know you want more insight on that one, but I'm not going to give anything up. As he leaves, he tells Rick to send up the signal if Daryl comes crawling back. But also what a terrible thing to say to the sweet badass known as Sasha. I hope you are, too; I'm happy you're with us. Rosita redeems herself in the end. And of course, a herd is on its way. But they cut it close. They were rigged across the road on a metal wire to apparently protect from zombies. I'll see you next week! What they pulled off was ridiculous. Could they join the people of Alexandria and the Hilltop in the fight? No matter why this is happening (although I, along with plenty of other fans, have a fair share of guesses), it's clear that this season needed to be saved somehow; I think, so far, they're off to a good start.

Anyway, after the group has to return to Alexandria to prove to the Saviors that they're not hiding Daryl, they go back out on another scavenging mission, only to find themselves surrounded by a massive group of well-armed survivors. Rick will have to go on a recruiting trip.

Rick and Daryl are back together again, and all seems right with the world.

The possible reason for Rick's smile? Once a ratings monster, the story of Rick and his fellow survivors searching for a safe place after the apocalypse has become a depressing slog, so it's heartening to see Rick making moves. This is who will march alongside him to take Negan out once and for all.

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