Betsy DeVos Believes Community Colleges Play Important Role In Workforce Development

The consequences for public education under Betsy DeVos

The vote to elect her in was split 50-50 and Vice President Mike Pence had to cast the tie breaking vote-this is the first this has happened since 1979. She was called names. If opponents fail to have healthy discussions, we stifle growth and intellectual understanding of one another.

It's unfortunate the specter of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, reduced Ms. Moore to tears. Unless the secretary has the personal charisma and authority within a department - which DeVos does not - the secretary does not have any real power. And, tragically, almost 50 percent of transgender people report attempting suicide - a figure that is further elevated among people who experience rejection, discrimination or violence at school or at home.

DeVos will not be able to do much since she had low political capital from the start and spent much of that capital on being confirmed.

A protester holding up a sign at the Oppose Betsy DeVos Protest in Washington D.C. on January 29, 2017.

School choice only helps children who live in already privileged communities. "I will not be deterred from my mission in helping kids in this country". New charter schools often drain resources from a community's education budget, and can be impossibly far away for many students. "That is not an exaggeration in any sense".

Per the Times, DeVos has ended up agreeing to go along with the order, but only because Trump sided with Sessions and DeVos was "faced with the choice of resigning or defying the president".

"Priorities are changing now, both because of the new administration and the Every Student Succeeds Act, that sends a lot more responsibility and authority back to the states", she said. This drives the public-school monopolists insane, as it hints at an alternative to the nineteenth-century, one-size-fits-all education model they control. In her confirmation hearing, there were crickets when Secretary DeVos clearly didn't understand that IDEA is a federal law that trumps (pun intended) state laws and needs to be enforced throughout the country.(She also didn't understand the difference between student growth and proficiency, and thought that guns in school were a good idea, but hey, she had a tough day and still got confirmed by the slimmest margin ever for a new Cabinet nominee).

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"But the education secretary just does not play a big, federal role in education, it's more of a matter of having the bully pulpit to use", noted Kate Walsh, president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, a reform organization that worked along with the Department of Education and other teacher-education stakeholders for seven years on teacher-preparation guidelines. DeVos, a former businesswoman, has neither studied education nor held a professional position as an educator.

The Education Department, the Times wrote, can "punish egregious violators by cutting off federal financial aid - the industry's lifeblood - with the efficiency of a guillotine".

"This is an issue best solved at the state and local level".

What's made DeVos such a target?

Barry Toiv, the vice president of public affairs at the Association of American Universities, said DeVos' record on higher education is scarce. She revealed that she was willing to work with leaders during the reauthorization of the Perkins Act and Higher Education Act. "We're always working to improve the public school system".

While the establishmentarians are choice-phobic, parents aren't. As a result, parents now enjoy school choice. She supports the funding for-profit Christian schools over public schools. But as things stand now, 83 percent of students attend traditional public schools. She also supports deregulation, private school ownership and the voucher system. The study from RAND Corporation and New York University found that OH students with low test scores who enroll in online-only schools tend to fall even further behind.

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