'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Episode 11 Spoilers: Eugene is at Risk!

To improve his chances, Eugene again spins his lie about being a scientist, just like he did with Abraham back in the day. Below is our spoiler-heavy review.

Actor Josh McDermitt has given his expressed his views on the episode's events which took place at The Saviours' compound, the Sanctuary.

Later, Negan appeared and told him not to be scared; he was one of them.

Focusing more on Negan's henchemen and wives made for a more interesting episode. "He's just breathing that in, just like, 'Oh, my gosh, this is literally all I want.; I think that's what allows him the freedom to cut off Negan mid-sentence, which is a bold thing to do, and just profess his love right there".

It just goes to show how people change when they get a sniff of power. We see Dwight clearly here, a man not yet broken, but ready to embrace his own darkness.

If you watch The Walking Dead online, you will already know that Negan is not the type of person to extend an olive branch. The real question is whether or not Eugene has actually committed to Negan "utterly and completely", or whether he's playing the long game. Unlike Daryl, Eugene is all too quick to declare himself as "Negan" like the other members of the group do so readily. It was an incredibly amusing moment when Eugene turned on the boom box and "Easy Street" began playing.

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Instead of treating him the same way he did with Daryl, Negan chose a more enticing path. He's then locked in the very closet that Daryl was held in.

It looks like the upcoming episode will feature more foreshadowing, as we'll get to see the aftermath of a bloody battle between as-yet unidentified human survivors whose situation doesn't seem all that different from our heroes'. Knowing that the blame would eventually lead back to her, Sherry chose to disappear in an attempt to make it on her own. She let Daryl go because he reminded him of who he used to be, and she wanted him to forget. Setting up the doctor was a pretty damn smart way to sell the story that he killed his wife when he found her, too. In fact, Sherry said she didn't know if Dwight would embrace her, turn her in or kill her, so she ran away. The doctor denies it at first, but later states that he did it and apologizes thinking he'll get off easier.

That's not the only thing rotten in the state of Virginia, since Negan's remaining wives are also plotting against him, hoping to use Eugene's mad science skills to fashion a poisoned pill for the villain - a revelation I'm looking forward to exploring further. But that didn't stop Negan from throwing one of his own doctors into the fire as a warning for anyone else who would betray him. It seems they may have finally hit their stride with the character, and while he's still annoying it now feels as if it's by design and not because they're overdoing it. Both characters make shocking choices that will alter the story going forward.

Luckily, the inadvisable focus on Eugene and Negan was somewhat counteracted by the developments in Dwight's storyline.

The mid-season episode "Rock in the Road" featured intense scenes but "New Best Friends" even made it more exciting a Jadis (played by Pollyanna Mcintosh) was introduced, with Rick having an encounter with one of the most terrifying walkers.

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