The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 "Bury Me Here" Recap

039;The Walking Dead' Ratings Make A Major Comeback On AMC

Benjamin too felt like a blinking "KILL ME" light in every scene to date, as The Walking Dead has little choice but to build up minor characters as cannon fodder, rather than take out any series regulars without due process. Not only does Carol now know about Glenn, Abraham, Olivia, Spencer, and Rick's deal with the Saviors - but she will likely be the one who inspired the Kingdom to join the fight.

The good news is that now it looks like Morgan is dropping the philosophy after Ben's death. In his rage, his uncovers the evidence that Richard set up the whole thing, because he expected his longtime nemesis in the Saviors would kill him first, as he had once promised. I really do like Carol's unlikely "friendship" with Morgan, and I hope they continue to be close, even as Morgan goes into exile. In doing so, the calm demeanor Morgan adopted during his time with (John Carroll Lynch) was completely lost.

Taking these words to its extreme, Morgan stick-whacked and strangled Richard to death in front of Ezekiel and the Saviors. Morgan buries Richard in his designated spot, and then goes to tell Carol exactly what happened in Alexandria. Richard is still determined to do anything necessary to force Ezekiel into joining the war against Negan, but his latest plan results in tragedy.

The recent episode focused 4/5 of the 42 minutes on just the two of them as a pair. He offers to escort her to Alexandria to find out, but Carol heads back to her cottage.

As hinted by Rick in the previous episode of "The Walking Dead" season 7, this war will result in the loss of many people from their group and the other communities. Realising Lizzie's depraved mind would endanger those around her, Carol puts a gun to the young girl's head and, telling her to "look at the flowers", pulls the trigger, fighting back the tears. That's par for the course with Carol this season.

As Morgan listened to Richard's confession, I wonder if Lennie James actually stood there the entire time, or if editors simply looped that stink-eye shot repeatedly.

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They don't have any medical supplies or doctors, and Benjamin quickly bleeds out. He then turns to Ezekiel and warns them to bring the remainder (the single melon) tomorrow. I think they're some of the best work the show has done, and this episode is no exception. "I killed Richard", he answered, nonchalantly. He's ready to fight! Or would he still have tried to make a play for peace?

Likewise, Morgan is headed down a much darker path than we've seen of late.

But once he knows what Richard did and why, it all changes. As Ben bleeds out from his leg wound, Gavin tells Ezekiel to come back the next day with the missing melon.

The Kingdom goes to make its regular drop-off tribute to the Saviors, which apparently consists of a dozen melons. Further, there is speculation that one of them may die as Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) has bagged a lead role in Star Trek: Discovery. How much longer can the Sanctuary's leader hold his power, or will the finale see him topple? She takes out a few walkers on her way there and then tells Benjamin that she's looking for Morgan.

Otherwise, "Bury Me Here" does a great job of finally selling the Kingdom as a place we should want to spend time in. I found it amusing that Benjamin wanted to escort her back to her place - not to protect her but to learn some of her badass zombie-killing skills.

What are you gonna do, right? You got away from everyone. "Do you really want to know what happened in Alexandria?" She is afraid to get too close, because Shiva is napping nearby. "When that happens, don't beat yourself up about it". His hate for the Saviors was explained during his dialogue with Morgan but I just wanted to see a little more. "You guys have proven you don't do well with emotions". "You have to kill, or you might as well kill yourself". "We do. But not today".

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