THAAD deployment not related to S. Korea's political situation

Now this game may be over because China is forcing South Korea to choose. China now wants the restart nuclear talks with the North. If these new weapons come into play, Japan would be compelled to respond in kind to restore a balance of firepower.

One particular South Korean store chain, Lotte, has reportedly had over half of its stores closed in China over a variety of regulatory and safety infractions. The US deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile battery in South Korea, which began last week, is part of a network of integrated anti-missile systems created to facilitate nuclear war with China or Russian Federation.

The THAAD is an anti-missile system produced by Lockheed Martin.

Last week, China-pop singer Xie Tianming put out a syrupy music video lament called the "Chant of Love" on the deployment of THAAD to South Korea to defend against the North Korean missile threat.

A boycott of component imports, which account for more than 70 per cent of South Korea's exports to China, would disrupt the supply chains of Chinese businesses.

Long also suggested a "collective security declaration" providing assurances to South Korea and to Japan. China will surely be egging on Mr Moon's impending victory to try and politically defeat Thaad.

The Global Times on January 30, pointed out that the deployment of "THAAD overshadows 25th anniversary of Beijing-Seoul diplomacy". For instance, North Korea has allegedly been selling battlefield radio systems (banned under United Nations sanctions) through a front company called Global Communications in Malaysia.

It is the world's 11th largest economy and the 4th largest in Asia after India, Japan, and China. By virtue of proximity and, critically, its willingness to bring its economic leverage to bear in diplomatic and security matters, China is one country that South Korea should be mindful about crossing due to economic blowback.

Beijing does not like any of its options vis-à-vis North Korea, but the world can not afford for China to remain complacent.

It enjoyed the highest trade surplus of US$ 37.

House panels to launch fight in Congress over Obamacare replacement
The plan includes an "advanceable" tax credit, based on age and families size, which people can use to buy insurance. The Medicaid cuts would also slash funding for treatment of drug addiction, which Trump had vowed to expand.

About 700 cruise ships are to dock on the island this year, most from China.

"On Monday, I oppose Korea; on Tuesday, Japan; on Wednesday, it's the Americans; on Thursday I oppose the independence of Taiwan; Friday, that of Hong Kong", it reads. An March 6 editorial of Korea Times entitled "Grow up, China" has called China "a spoiled child" and asked "we Koreans" to "get ready and tough it out". But this report has not yet been confirmed by USA intelligence.

"Even if Korea's consumer exports to China were to halve, the hit to Korea's growth would be 0.2 percentage point of GDP", Tan said. While the formal President certainly supported it, less than 4 percent of the population stands behind her, according to recent polls. "There is no South Korean leader who thinks the first strike by the okay".

Stable trading relations are in the interests of both China and South Korea and the THAAD spate should be settled outside of the strategic overtures.

A new crisis is brewing on the Korean Peninsula. As witnessed during the Cold War, countries which develop missiles or anti-missile systems argue that their intention is purely defensive, but countries which fall within their striking range raise the alarm at the offensive impact of the former's manoeuvres. The Chinese have threatened to essentially sever diplomatic ties with Seoul and have already pulled back on economic ties.

North Korea now has an unpredictable, 33-year-old leader, Kim Jong Un, who styles himself in the godlike image of his grandfather, the hermetic country's communist revolutionary founder.

Tillerson then visits South Korea, caught up in political upheaval after last week's ouster of its president, Park Geun-hye, over a corruption scandal.

The election campaign - a vote must be held within 60 days - will spur fresh debate on how to stop Kim from acquiring more powerful nuclear weapons and missiles. But Beijing seems happy to see Park go-state broadcasters in China devoted heavy coverage to the protests leading up to her removal-and is likely to dial up pressure in the coming months.

As for the timing of the announcement, Pinkston said this was likely a bid to both reassure nervous allies and reinforce the United States' commitment to extended deterrence.

Moon says a final decision on deployment should be made by the next government, and parliament should approve it.

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