The Walking Dead: Season 7 finale teaser trailers reveal preparations for war

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

While she and the others train and make weapons to trade with the Kingdom, Gregory is held up in the main house drinking every last drop of liquor he can find. She even had a heart to heart with Judith before she let him know about the group, despite her promise to keep it a secret. Guns, lots of guns. In most cases, though, we write these posts to discuss the episode and how a death impacted the story, when applicable. "The Walking Dead has accomplished exactly what it set out to do: break its audience's spirit and get it to emotionally identify with people living through an interminable apocalypse", wrote Bunch.

Elsewhere, Rick finally got more guns and more people for his army after storming the Oceanside and demanding they cooperate.

Obviously, Dwight confirming his intent to defect offers a solid takeaway for "Something They Need", and I'm not sure why they'd bother with a fake-out of Rick about to execute him.

That's not great writing-it's creepy in a way I can't decide if the writers realize. If he continues to go along with his "I am Negan" schtick, he has the advantage of getting even closer to the big bad, providing him with the flawless opportunity to take him down from the inside.

A heartbreaking decision is about to made but if we're being honest, when is there not a heartbreaking decision being made on this show!?

The clip also shows the Big Bad talking to the still-imprisoned Sasha.

Negan works best as a villain when he's striking a balance between a draconian but logical organization of rules and seemingly random acts of brutal violence.

What really makes this hard to watch is how quickly Cindy and the more hardcore Oceansiders fall in with Rick's plans.

SC ends Baylor's season in Sweet Sixteen
No team from the state of SC has seen that Promised Land. "They're just energetic, especially at the beginning of the game". Somewhere Frank McGuire and fellow New Yorker John Roche are smiling having made basketball important in SC in the 1960s.

Negan casually mentioned that a "little birdie" told him Rick is up to something at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. During the attack Cyndie knocks out her own grandmother with a solid punch to the face.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday at 9/8c on AMC, and don't forget to check out our recap and review of episode 15 "Something They Need" on Monday morning right here on Culturess. They're mottled green and gross, and they're very impressive as far as creature designs go, even if they're mostly wasted during an assault on the motel group caused by Rick's interference.

But if it's the latter - and dear god, hopefully it is - then exploring the intricacies and implications of Negan's relationship with sex could be fascinating, especially if the show gives us more time with his long-suffering trio of wives.

I understand how people would feel in a situation with someone like Negan ruling over you, but you would think it might pay people to be a tiny bit patient with a 100 per cent chance of killing him. And at the Savior's compound, Sasha has been taken and thrown into solitary by Negan. This isn't a group that encourages self-motivation and initiative.

That's not good enough for our group, who take on a shockingly aggressive role to take their guns by force. While these two ladies working together toward their common goal makes sense, the thought on our minds was, "These two are going to kill each other before they even get to Negan!".

We get off to a slow start. Sasha should be dead. For someone who insisted that she wanted to die for a objective, it is literally a fate worse than death-particularly when David, the Savior tasked with guarding her cell, responds to her humble request for water by demanding sexual favors in return. Charge into a fortress she cannot navigate filled with more men than she can kill in order to assassinate a guy she will nearly certainly never reach? We'll have to wait until the extended finale April 2 to see whether the show kills off Sasha and takes a different approach to her death. Just because they were mad about Abraham?

Her dumb, doomed attempt to kill Negan looked poised to finally put the character out of her misery, but I was pleasantly surprised to see her open up and talk about herself to Sasha.

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