╩╗Oumuamua may have travelled from a binary star system

This artist's rendering shows the first interstellar asteroid'Oumuamua. This unique object was discovered on Oct. 19 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii

The study has garnered global headlines.

It's really odd that [this] object ... would be an asteroid, because a comet would be a lot easier to spot, and the solar system ejects many more comets than asteroids.

At that time, the asteroid was some 33 million kilometres (20.5 million miles) from Earth and heading out of the solar system after making its closest approach to the sun 40 days earlier.

That observation marked the first time scientists have caught sight of an interstellar asteroid, though researchers estimate that one of these kinds of space rocks zooms through our solar system each year.

Little is known about the mysterious object "Oumuamua" and it is still under wrap whether from when the object is voyaging in the universe and how it was born and ejected from a binary system.

Oumuamua most likely entered our space from a binary system due to the gravitational "tug-of-war" between the two gas giants.

They also looked at how common these star systems are in our galaxy.

The first known object to come from outside our Solar System is giving up clues as to where it came from.

The unusual cigar-shaped object first emerged on Earth's radars October past year when it came across NASA's Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii.

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Its trajectory, speed, and orbit shape do not match any asteroids in our Solar System, and it is the first confirmed sighting of an interstellar asteroid.

The new study is published in the peer-reviewed journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. In single star systems like our own, comets make up the vast majority of objects that are ejected because they form farther away and are less bound by the gravity of the sun.

Jackson and his colleagues, after determining binary star systems are very efficient ejectors of rocky bodies, concluded 'Oumuamua most likely originated in a binary system with a relatively massive component because such systems could be expected to have a larger number of asteroid-like bodies in close orbits.

As a starting point, Jackson says it's important to understand that in order for an object to be ejected from a star system it needs to interact with something big. He added that it was unusual because the solar system ejects more comets than asteroids. The team's computer simulations suggest that up to 36% of binary stars can eject asteroids.

Major questions about 'Oumuamua remain, notes Jackson.

"It's very hard to track exactly where it came from with any great precision", he says.

Back in February, a team from Queen's University Belfast helped piece together the puzzle that was its orbit, the most eccentric ever observed by an object travelling through our solar system.

"The same way we use comets to better understand planet formation in our own Solar System, maybe this curious object can tell us more about how planets form in other systems", says Jackson.

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